Lydia's keen sense and vision first lead her to the journey as a self taught freelance makeup artist. Her career begins with creative fashion editorial, Then, the contract offered by bridal agency had allowed her to discover where her real passion with makeup aligns. 
Through out the years she continued to refine her talent with professional training in San Francisco to become a licensed esthetician, and institutes and other talented Artists abroad in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. 

Today, Lydia works closely with her brides to create a specialized couture service so each bride can wear her own personalized dream look.
Lydia prides herself on showing care for every bride’s needs and she carefully incorporates their overall bridal theme into the makeup we style. She takes a flexible approach and is able to help brides choose from a wide range of looks, offering on-spot suggestions for the perfect and standout look for your special day.

"ONe of the         decisions I made."




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