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We also offer:
- Personal Assistant for on site TOUCH UP.

making sure you stay fresh and beautifully, and ready for any style changes any time 

pick and choose the service you need and we can plan a wedding package customized made just for you! 

 customize packages

We offer Hair and Makeup styling to match with any occasions or events you need,  including...

- Picture Perfect PreWedding 
- Romantic Engagement  
- Memorable Maternity 
- Sexy Boudoir 
- Evening Glam


Our team of professionals are able to take care any party size, big or small !

- Bridesmaids Hair and Makeup 
- Mother's Hair and Makeup
- Groom's Refreshment
- Flower Girls 

 Speicial occasions 

 This is the process of developing your ideal look. 
We first analyze your features, skin conditions , hair types, then we will discuss and design the look that goes with your style vibe, your dress, the theme of ur wedding. It’s important to experiment how the Makeup holds throughout the day as you wear for final refinement on the day of your wedding. 

(4 hour appointment)

 Bridal preview session

- Bridal Preview session 
- Single set of Bridal  Styling 

 bridal styling 

- Single set of personalized hair and makeup look 
- Skin nourishing preparation 
- facial structure tuning
- eyebrows reshaping/grooming
- eye shape balancing 
- Hair accessory of choice included 
 all the magic it takes to bring out the best version of you! 
(3 hour appointment)

 Most popular starter

 Let's be CURIOUS !

1. Pictures of the hair and makeup style you like for reference so we can get a better understanding on the vision you have! 

     2.  Properly manage skin by exfoliating dead skins off and keeping your skin calm and hydrated with sheet mask is going impact the makeup tremendously.
Details and guidance will get provided  based on personal skin type and situation.

     3. Making sure your hair is COMPLETELY DRY before the appointment is key to longer lasting hair styles and more efficient styling time as well.  

 4. Please have a good rest, eat nutritiously and keep your body hydrated! It won't be convenient to eat or drink when we are getting ready, the last thing I want is my clients starving and becoming hangery. 

5. Have faith, we are confident in your decision ;)


 - Hourglass                                - Armani Beauty
- Charlette Tilbury                 - Estee Lauder 
- Clarins.                                        - MAC
- Tacha                                            - Givenchy
- FRESH                                          -Stila
- Natasha Denona                   -Laura Mercier
- Innisfree                                      -Laneige
- 3CE                                                   - Shu Uemura

The list can go on forever, feel free to discover them in person, I have a lot of recommendations :]

03. What brand of products are being use?

I am blessed with supports from a team of dedicated Professional artists! 

Each individual artist in our team are passionately capable of doing both hair and makeup in a variety of styles to accommodate any party size! 

The number of artists is assigned depending on the total number of services needed.

To see other Artist's portfolio, please let us know in your Inquiry


This is the process where we finally get to officially meet and to establish familiarity working with each other. 
 (team work with our clients is key to success )

Most importantly, It's the opportunity  for us to fully understand your overall skin and hair condition so we can accommodate  the  needs of your entire wedding to  put the ideal vision into real life.  

It allows you to experience the service and have a clear idea on the full run down on exactly what is going  happen on the day of your wedding. 

it's not mandatory but it is highly recommended ! 


1. First, don't be shy to say HI :)

2. Then, we will chat to solve any questions, comments or concerns you might have.

3. If you like us and decided to have us with you on your wedding day, contract will get send out for signatures. After deposit is made, booking date will be confirm along with event calendar.  

4. YAY ! ! !  We meet to have fun and create some memories! 

06. how is the booking process like?

- Travel fee applies based on location for every event date.
- Toll/Valet fee will bill to client if occur.
- Early bird fee before 8am: $100/hr
- Contract and 50% Non-refundable retainer are require for guaranteed booking.
- Gratitude are not included in any final price, it's gracefully appreciated.
- Event reservation is on first-come first-serve basis. 
- Vendor meals need to be provided if work over 5 hours.

and AWARE.

"Thank you Lydia, i'm really glad you're my mua! i have friends already asking who is my mua,you did a fabulous job! (my mom is impressed by your work ethic as well!) 
 Hope this encourages you! keep up with the great work!! "

-Winnie+ Ken

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